Dodoni is a historical place in Greece mainly known for the
ancient theatre and oracle of Dodoni that have been found
there for thousands of years. They are two integral pieces of the
Greek culture, the Greek history and tradition. The archaeological
space of Dodoni is found 22 km south-west of the city of Ioannina
on the foot of Mount Tomaros and it is the pride of Epirus. It is not
absolutely sure where the name Dodoni came from, however it is
likely that it came from the homonymous Oceanid Nymph or from
River Dodonos.

Those who are really interested in being familiar with the Greek
antiquity, seeing the cultural wealth of this country and learning
things for its history and greatness should definitely visit Dodoni.
Without exaggerating, it is the cradle of culture, something
that is not said only by the Greeks, but by the entire civilized
world. Naturally, what you will see and admire there is not
limited only to the theatre and the oracle. You will see
astonishing monuments, ancient buildings, important museums
and a lot of other interesting things that will surely thrill you.
An excursion in the region of Dodoni is ideal because it combines
many different things.
Apart from the archaeological sites, you
will have the chance to visit the villages of the Municipality of
Dodoni, which are built according to the traditional Epirotic
architecture and are particularly picturesque. You will enjoy the
beautiful natural landscapes and smooth, but you might also
visit other astonishing regions of Epirus, which are found very
close, such as the city of Ioannina, Konitsa, Zagori and more.
It is a magical tour that we recommend without reservation!