Pamvotis lake - Ioannina - Epirus - Greece in Greece 
Ioannina is the biggest city of Epirus and the capital city of the prefecture.
Being built on the bank of Lake Pamvotis in 500 m altitude, it fascinates
everyone with its beauty and its warm atmosphere. It is a lively city
of 100.000 inhabitants, which carries a history of centuries. Each
alley and square, each part of the city echoes its great tradition.
The combination of innumerable historical monuments and museums
with the unbelievable natural beauty of the landscape is a guarantee
for the visitors. The castle of Ioannina, the lake with the island, the
cave, the fabulous ancient city with its traditional stores and its
exceptional market give no other choice to the visitors but
attract their attention and captivate them.
It is a city that combines everything. There are idyllic spots for walks in
nature for the romantic ones and the nature lovers. There is intense
nightlife and superb traditional cuisine for the ones who enjoy a good
party and good food. There are important museums and sights for
the lovers of tradition and history. But there are also countless
opportunities for extreme sports in beautiful natural locations for
the bold ones. And those who are interested in escaping from
the city, they will be impressed by the wild nature and the
magical landscapes that wait for them only half an
hour away from Ioannina.
Ioannina is a wonderful city worth visiting, a magical wandering beyond
your expectations, a journey that you will never forget!!