You will meet the picturesque village Perama
only four kilometres from Ioannina on the road
that goes from Metsovo to Trikala. A mythical
world beyond your imagination waits for you
there to discover it. The Cave of Perama was
created 1.500.000 years ago in the interior of
Goritsa hill, exactly above the village. It was
discovered by residents of Perama in 1940
and speleologists Anna and Ioannis Petrohilos
started exploring it in 1956. This real
ornament is known for the variety of stalactites
and stalagmites that are found there and it
is included in the best caves in the world.
The temperature in the interior is maintained
constant in 17 οC, while the temperature of
the water is 14 οC. You will meet a lot of
rooms with particularly rich decor on the way
whose length is about 1.500 metres.

This decor is constituted by stalactites that begin from
the roof of the rocks, stalagmites that begin from the
soil, pearls of caves etc. You will also see fossils of bones
and teeth from a rare species of bear, the cave bear
that was found there for the first time. Your guide will
explain how the Cave was created and will report the
names that the couple Petrohilos gave to the unique
shapings and the rooms you will see. The Cave however
will challenge you to use your imagination in order to
find your own representative names depending on what
each shaping reminds each one of you personally. The
wealth of forms and colours, the variety of shapings and
the magnificence of the space will definitely move you.
We guarantee you a wandering that you will never forget!!

Opening hours
Every day from 08:00 until 17:00
Entrance ticket
7 euro standard,
5.5 euro Groups
3,5 € children, soldiers, students
  26510 81521