The water of Lake Pamvotis comes from
natural sources and torrents. Its surface is
23 sq. km, its depth is 13 metres and its
perimeter is 33 km. It constitutes a very
important ecosystem, since it includes an
enormous variety of species from the fish
fauna and the poultry fauna, as well as a lot
of amphibians. It is an important source of life
for the city and its piscatorial exploitation has
contributed to a large extent in the economic
growth of the broader region. Moreover, it is
a centre of conduct of international athletic
organizations, such as ski, rowing, kayak,
canoe etc. The entire surface of the lake
has frozen several times in the latest years,
so much that some bold residents have
rushed into taking a walk on it or a ride by
bicycle disregarding the danger!

The Island of Ioannina is a very
picturesque settlement constituted
by a hundred families approximately.
Making the tour of the island, you
will see simple traditional houses
with beautiful gardens, narrow
paved alleys and various shops with
exhibits of Ioannina's traditional
folkloric art.

Each corner of the island is full
of pines, platans and cypresses,
while the seven monasteries that
exist there and made the place
an important place of monasticism
in the past are particularly
appreciable as well. You will taste
the delicious extraordinary local
delicacies, such as frog legs and
eels and you will admire the famous
silver jewels and the curved
objects of Ioannina's craftsmen.
The Museum of Ali Pasha, the place
where the legendary Ali Pasha was
killed is found on the Island. You will see
Ali's room and the holes from the bullets
that killed him on the floor, local costumes
and documents of the era as well as
personal objects of Ali and dame-Frosini.
Opening hours: 08:00 to 23:00 in
summer and 11:00 to 18:00 in winter.
Entrance ticket: 0,60 euro
You can go to the Island by small boats that begin
from Molos in Ioannina every half hour in
summer from 08:00 until 24:00 and every
hour in winter from 08:00 until 22:00.
The route lasts ten minutes and costs 1 euro.