konitsa Konitsa konitsa Konitsa
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Konitsa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful border areas not only in
Epirus but in Greece on the whole. It is built on the slope of Trapezitsa
Mountain in 630 m altitude. There are many assumptions about the
origin of its name. The most dominant ones are the stance of the historian
P. Aravantinos who claims that it comes from the name of the ancient city
Knossos that gradually became Konitsa, as well as the stance that it comes
from the Slavic word Konitza, which means "horse bazaar".

Konitsa is a city of 4.000 inhabitants built according to the traditional style
of Epirotic architecture. You will admire the stone buildings, the old mansions
that hold from the period of the Turkish Domination, the churches and the
monasteries that are a true ornament for the area, the cobbled roads, the
traditional stone bridges and the countless cultural monuments. It is the
absolute harmonization of yesterday and today. On every step, you will think
that you have gone back many years and historical figures will wander in
the air but at the same time you will have the chance to see how much you
can take doing extreme sports and many other modern activities. And all
that blend in a spectacular way that will definitely impress you.

Aoos River that flows on the right side of the city and puts its own
indelible mark in the area completes the scenery. It is an area that
includes some of the most beautiful mountains and rivers in Epirus.
Aoos Gorge, Voidomatis River, Mountains Smolikas and Grammos
and River Sarantaporos are a unique and unfamiliar spectacle that
will move and capture you. It is a trip worth the trouble!!!