Aoos or Konitsa Bridge
The characteristic of this famous bridge,
which was built in 1870 by the Foreman
Ziogas Frontzos from Pyrsogianni, is its
enormous unique stringer that may also
be the biggest in the Balkans. Its opening
is 40 meters and its height is 20 meters.
The location where it is found is captivating
with Aoos river flowing under its arch and
Aoos gorge impressing with its incredible
natural beauty. This bridge, which still
preserves under its arch the bell that warned
for the powerful winds that rendered the
crossing dangerous, is a genuine work of art
and links the human culture with the wild
nature in a magical way. In 1913 when the
Turks left from Konitsa, they attempted to
blow the bridge, but they did not succeed
and thus the bridge of Konitsa stands in its
place full of pride and waits for you to visit
it. It is really worth visiting!
Κlidonia or Voidomatis Bridge
This one-stringer bridge with its oblong
arch was built in 1853. It is found in the
village Klidonia, where Vikos gorge
finishes and it is very close to Konitsa. It
bridges river Voidomatis, which gave it
its second name. In the old times, the
residents used it in order to move from
Konitsa to Western Zagori. This bridge
is particularly famous not only for its
magical natural location and the
enjoyable view of Voidomatis that you
will admire from its arch, but also
because of a bloody incident that
took place there between two families
for reasons of honour. We promise
you that it will cut your breath!!!
Μavri Petra Bridge
This impressive stone bridge is found in
the village Pournia, about 45 minutes
from Konitsa by car. It is not known
precisely when it was built, it is
estimated however that it must have
been around 1853. At first the bridge
had two stringers, but with the passage
of centuries only the central arch was
saved that has an opening of 20.50
meters. You will be thrilled by the splendid
spectacle you will see reaching there
and you will admire the unique stone
representation of Almighty that has been
drawn in the next rock in order to protect
the passers-by. So, if your way brings you
to Pournia, do not omit to visit it!
Ζerma Bridge
This stone bridge is found in the valley of
river Sarantaporos, between the villages
Plagia and Drosopigi. It was built in 1747
and took its name from the older name of
the village Plagia (Zerma). It is a two-stringer
bridge that presents particular interest
because of the high ending of so much its
big as its small stringer. It is the only
bridge that is saved in the watercourse
of Sarantaporos and it is worth seeing!