Tzoumerka tzoumerka Tzoumerka tzoumerka

Tzoumerka is probably the less known and widespread area of Epirus without
that meaning that it falls short in anything than the rest of them. It is an
earthly paradise that combines everything and offers unique experience in
all visitors no matter what they are asking for. Tzoumerka is a unit of
beautiful villages and traditional settlements surrounded by gorges, canyons
and steep mountains. The complex mountainous terrain and the clear
rivers charm the visitors and take them many years back as they sense
the great tradition and history of the place.

First of all, you will have the opportunity to admire every kind of sights,
from impressive cultural monuments, ancient monasteries and churches
to traditional stone bridges and noteworthy museums. Furthermore, River
Arahthos, one of the biggest rivers in Epirus, as well as River Kalaritikos
will offer you great thrills with their exciting athletic activities and
moments of peace and magic with their fantastic natural landscapes.
You will feel national pride in the place where legendary Katsantonis,
Prime Minister Kolletis and poet Kristallis were born, people who
and glorified the area.
You will find all that in an area that has presented important tourist
development in the latest years. Luxurious hotels and traditional
restaurants will make your staying really special. We don't have to
say more to convince you that you will never forget your visit to
Tzoumerka! All you have to do is come and see for yourselves.
Besides, don't they say that an image is worth a thousand words?