It is one of the biggest rivers in Epirus.
The route it follows is through deep ravines
and beautiful mountains. In its course it
meets some of the beautiful traditional
bridges of Epirus like the bridge of
and the bridge of Papastathis that also
constitute the natural borders of the
beginning and the end of the unique ravine
of Arachthos
. In the last section of this
ravine, from Makri Lithari until Plaka, an
extremely impressive gorge is being created
that is crossed by Arachthos. You will see
amazing water-line caves, impetuous waterfalls
and incredible natural beauty in one of the most
beautiful ravines in Epirus.
Arachthos is also
known for the unlimited river activities that will
offer you and the fascinating moments of
amusement it will give you. Visit it and
you will not lose!!
Kalaritikos is an impressive river, ideal for many
athletic activities that will give you unforgettable
experiences and a lot of laughter. It is the most
important tributary of Arachthos with impetuous
course in its bigger length. It passes through
steep gorges, impetuous waterfalls and in its way
it meets traditional stone bridges. But from the
point where it throws in River Melissourgiotikos
its width grows and its course calms down until
the bridge of Gogos. There it narrows again and
the gorge of Kalaritikos is shaped, one of the
most beautiful in Epirus. It is a narrow and
inaccessible gorge little before Kalaritikos is
linked with Arachthos. The only way to cross
it is a descent of the river by boat or kayak.

Another wandering that you should not
miss for any reason!!