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The lovers of the bike will have the chance to enjoy magnificent
rides by their bike in Zagori as there are a lot of truly enjoyable
routes. Those who will not come appropriately equiped will be able
to address one of the companies that offer this kind of activities
and they will take on to give you the right equipment
as well as guide you.

mountain bike
The first route begins from Ano Pedina. The road is
an asphalt until Elafotopos while you will be in 900
m altitude. Then, you will go into a dirt road north
of Elafotopos and pass under the tops Souremadia
and Kozakos of Mount Stouros. Then, you will reach
the road that links Central Zagori with Aristi and if
you follow this road to the right, you will go down to
Aristi. If you want, you can stop there to drink some
juice in the traditional coffee shop of Aristi or refresh
yourselves with clear water that flows in abundance
from the taps in the square of the village.
Then you can go on your route and get to the village
Vikos where the view to Vikos Gorge will make you feel
awe. It is a route that you will never forget because of
the variety of the flora and the continuous alternation of
the landscapes.
You will pass by dense forests, you will
meet abundant water, landscapes that those who won't
leave their beloved car will never have the chance to see!

The route is 17 km and the duration is a bit more than 2 hours.
The hypsometric difference is: + 350 m, - 650 m, + 150 m.


The second route begins from Monodendri. You
will take your mountain bike and enter the dirt
road that begins westwards in the top of the
village in 1.060 meters altitude. Your aim is to
reach the place Oxia after 4,5 km.
mountain bike
There you will have the chance to admire the view to Vikos Gorge and feel
ecstatic in front of the perfection of the nature. After you take the relative
photographs, you continue and follow another mountainous dirt road with
western - north-western direction going up to the plates of Stouros. The
hypsometric difference is + 410 m, the length of the route is 9 km while
the duration is 1,5 hour. What is impressive in this route is that you pass
by successive stone towers of successive pavings and you have the feeling
that you are in an impressive stone forest.
It is really worth the trouble!