Drakolimni of Gamila
In the verge of the ravine of Aoos in 2.000 m
altitude, you will meet this alpine lake. Its place
is particularly impressive and the landscape you
will admire is unique.
It has permanent water
and its particular characteristic is the Alpine
Triton (Triturus alpestris), a rare species of
amphibians that resemble small dragons. These
creatures that live in the cold water of the lake
have contributed in the past to the creation of
legends that speak of the presence of dragons
in the region.
You can get to Drakolimni
of Gamila after about a two-hour
walk from Mikro Papigo.
Lake Xeroloutsa is actually the union of
two lakes that are formed by the water
of the springs of the valley Laka Tsoumani.

It is found in 1.750 m altitude and it offers
a very beautiful spectacle in combination
with the natural wealth that surrounds it.

It does not have permanent water as the
water usually dries up in summertime
because of the small depth
, but when
there is water, it is a beautiful
landscape worth admiring.
The lake with the pond lilies
A unique spectacle waits for you only 4 km
from the village Greveniti of East Zagori.
The lake with the pond lilies pops up through
the dense forest that lies there.
It is a quite
small lake that offers however an impressive
spectacle as its water is covered with pond
lilies. The magical landscape brings in mind
scenes from children's fairy tales and old
It is really worth taking a walk
there because you will see something
you have never seen before!