The first route begins from the beautiful
bridge of Klidonia. We should tell you that
you can get there from the national road
to Konitsa and before you pass Voidomatis
you will turn right and go along the river
for about two km, where you will find the
bridge of Klidonia. You will be obliged to
leave your car there and let yourself in the
magic of the landscape.
It is a region that
constitutes part of the core of the Nationa
Forest Vikos-Aoos. You follow a green route
of 5 km in Voidomatis Gorge and the route
finishes in the bridge of Papigo in 480 meters
altitude. We would dare to say that this is
how we imagine paradise!
On the way,
you will be impressed seeing the enormous
platans covering the sky and the clear water
of Voidomatis being the only sound in the
absolute quietness of the forest.
perhaps some of you will agree that this
is really how paradise should be.
The water
of Voidomatis is famous for its lucidity and
it is one of the few rivers in the entire world
whose water is potable. The path is easy to
pass without ascensions and descents and
it does not require particularly good fitness
Therefore, you have no excuse not to visit it!

The second route begins from Monodendri
and leads to the village Vikos. It is a route
of 11 km, which is one of the most popular
in Zagori since the landscapes you meet
capture you. You begin from Monodendri
in 1.040 meters altitude and you follow
the fine cobbled road that takes you down
to Vikos Gorge and the sources of river
Voidomatis. The course continues in the
gorge and at the same time you meet
unique landscapes in the river that make
up for the long walk. What impressed us
is the fact that as you walk towards Vikos
the water of river becomes more and more
abundant. Suddenly everything dries up
and a lot further enormous quantities of
clear water come out of the earth and the
river becomes impassable.
Towards the end
of the way another fine cobbled road leads
to the village Vikos. The view is so magical
that if at some moment your legs become
heavy because of the long walk, you will
find a good chance to let yourself enjoy the
spectacle. The duration of the route is five
hours while those who will do the route in
a good mood will get to Vikos in 4 hours.
Press to see more photographs. It is a
really beautiful route!

The third route begins from the village
Vikos and leads to Mikro Papigo. It
is a route of 2 km that is as popular
as the previous one. You begin from
Vikos in 760 meters altitude and go
down the fine cobbled road until you
reach the springs of River Voidomatis.
If it is summertime you will have to
put your legs in the water of the river
so as to go across and follow another
uphill path, which takes you to Mikro
Papigo. Though the route is quite short,
only 2 km, nevertheless the duration of
the walk is about 2 hours because of the
uphill road whose hypsometric difference
is 700 meters. Since we may become
tedious describing the
landscape, we
leave the photographs speak

The fourth route begins from Gyftokampos
and leads to Vovousa. It is a route of 15 km.
You begin in 1200 meters altitude and you go
east until you see the tops Kokkinorahi and
Koukourountzos in 1.800 meters. Then you
move north-east until you reach the famous
Vovousa that is found in 1.000 meters altitude.
The route is beautiful. You pass by virgin forests
of black pine, fir and beech.
You meet abundant
water and surely many of you will admit that
some landscapes are as if they have pop out
from some fairy tale.

The fifth route begins from Mikro Papigo
and finishes in Drakolimni. The pattern of
this route is completely different than
that of the previous ones, but equally
impressive. You begin from Mikro Papigo
in 1.000 meters altitude and go up to the
mountain lodge that is in 2.000 meters
altitude. Then you go down in order to
reach Xirolimni and finally go up again to
cross the alpine fields and reach impressive
Drakolimni.The route is 12 km while the time
you will need is about 5 hours. You need to
be fit enough and have mountaineering shoes.
Maybe the 5 hours are too much for some of
you, but when you get to your destination
the natural beauty will make it up to you and
capture you.
We recommend it without doubt.

The last route we will recommend you
is the one that connects the villages
Vitsa and Koukouli. It is a route of 4
kilometres that will not take you more
than 1,5 hour of enjoyable walk in order
to get to your destination. You will begin
from the square of the village Vitsa and
taking the paved cobbled road, you will
go down to the watercourse of Vikos.
You will pass by the stone bridge of
Misios and go up to Koukouli.