River Sarantaporos springs from the eastern side
of Grammos. Its length is 50 kilometers until it
leads to the point where it throws in river Aoos.
The watercourse of river Sarantaporos is quite
wide, however in certain points like the one
that passes from the villages of Konitsa
Amarantos and Kavasila, the river narrows
and offers an impressive spectacle.
In old
times the river was also embellished by
enough traditional stone bridges. But
because it is very close to the borders of
the country, the Greek army had to blow
almost all of them in order to protect the
borders from the troops of the enemies during
World War II.
So, when you pass from Konitsa,
do not omit to make a stop in order to admire
Sarantaporos and relax by its clean waters!!